Corporate Governance

Cimpor Global Holdings B.V.’s culture is based on an elementary pillar: a strong and effective corporate governance. It is strongly committed to establishing a solid, professional, and transparent dialogue with all its stakeholders thus leading to long-term value creation, sustainable energy and, business continuity.  

As a way to establish an effective governance mechanism, the Company has in its corporate structure an Audit & Risk Committee and a Corporate Governance & Remuneration Committee.  

Audit & Risk Committee: 

The Committee serves to monitor the risk environment for CIMPOR Global Holdings B.V. and provides direction for the activities to mitigate the risks that may adversely affect the company’s ability to achieve its goals. The committee facilitates continuous improvement of the company’s capabilities around managing its priority risks. 

Internal Audit: Reviews internal audit methodology, annual internal audit plan, and organizational structure of the internal audit function.

External Audit: Oversees the work of the external auditors, reviews at least annually the qualifications, performance, and independence of the external auditors. 

Compliance: Reviews company policies (including but not limited to Sanctions, Anti-bribery/Anti-corruption, Anti- Money Laundering, and Anti-Counter Terrorism Financing) and procedures regarding investigations about compliance, code of ethics, conflicts of interests, mismanagement, and fraud. 

Risk Management: Identifies and prioritizes business risks, evaluates the effectiveness of risk mitigation activities, ensures the gaps in effectiveness are addressed for high-priority risks, and improves the Enterprise Risk Management infrastructure.

Corporate Governance & Remuneration Committee: 

Corporate Governance: (i) Identifies best practices and develops and recommends good governance principles applicable to the company, (ii) Develops the global vision, mission, and values of the Company, and (iii) Reviews proposed changes to board committee charters and makes recommendations to the Board.

Remuneration: (i) Reviews overall human resources and compensation structure, policies, and programs, and (ii) assesses whether these establish appropriate incentives and leadership development for management and other employees. The committee will evaluate the company’s total rewards program to attract and retain key talents.

Codes of Conduct:

Employees of CIMPOR Global Holdings and its affiliates are required to follow the Business Ethics Principles and CIMPOR Global Holdings Common Values while performing their work. We are aware that the business procedures, standards, laws, and regulations may not be guiding in terms of our attitudes and behaviors, so we have prepared the Business Ethics Principles based on our company values.

You can find our Codes of Conduct booklet here:

Code of Business Ethics and Related Policies: 

The Code of Business Ethics
The Supplier Code of Conduct
The Human Rights Policy
The Sanctions Policy Statement

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