Environment Policy

We Protect.

CIMPOR Global Holdings aims at using alternative fuels and raw materials at the highest level within the bounds of the regional conditions, under which the plants are available, for effective and efficient use of natural resources and maintaining this use in compliance with the environmental and administrative regulations. Being aware of its responsibilities for the environment and society, CIMPOR GH makes long-term plans to use wastes from other industrial plants as alternative fuels and raw materials, to become a solution partner in energy and material recovery, and to carry out industrial symbiosis works which will yield mutual advantage.

Additionally, it aims at increasing and maintaining the activities of many years, it has carried out for use of municipal wastes, managed by the municipalities, and also contributing to disposal of wastes in cooperation with the local authorities.Accordingly, it also aims at decreasing use of fossil fuels and natural raw materials, and increasing use of alternative fuels and alternative raw materials on annual basis.During conduct of these works;By recovering the heating values for the organic parts of the wastes, which are considered as alternative fuels; Consumption of primary fossil resources such as petroleum coke and lignite, which are used as fuels, is decreased, and greenhouse gas emission is economized.

By recovering the material values for the mineral parts of the wastes, which are considered as alternative raw materials; Consumption of natural raw material resources such as limestone, marn, clay, bauxite, iron ore, which are used for cement manufacturing, is decreased.

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